Velcro Kitties

by Tina Blue
June 2, 2004

          A couple of weeks ago I was visiting on the phone with my brother Sam when we started sharing pet tales.  We both love animals, and are endlessly amused by their antics.

          Sam told me about a time in the 1970s when he and his then-wife Tina (yeah--his wife was another "Tina") lived in an apartment in Pennsylvania, in which the dining room had textured wallpaper. At the time Sam and Tina had two kittens, Q-Tip and Cotton Ball. From time to time, the kittens would disappear, and Sam and Tina would wander through the apartment calling for them. Eventually, they would hear a squeaky little kitten meow, and following the sound, would locate their missing pets.

          But one day, when Sam followed the kitten sound to its source, he found the little things in the oddest of places: stuck like Velcro to the textured wallpaper of the dining room!

          After that, whenever he wanted to locate a missing kitten, he would go first to the dining room, because once they learned they could actually climb the walls, it became one of their favorite pastimes. 

          Until Q-Tip and Cotton Ball grew too big to climb up the wallpaper, Sam and Tina frequently had to go into the dining room to pluck their kittens off of the wall.

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