Gabby Want a Cracker?

by Tina Blue
February 7, 2003

          My old cat Gabby (17 ½ years old as I write this) has always had unusually eclectic tastes for a cat. I have written before about how my Tonkinese cat Sammy used to drink tomato juice every morning and eat spaghetti with tomato sauce, while another cat, Luke, insisted that I chew up apple and serve it to him by hand (see "In Service to Our Pets").

          But Gabby doesn't just focus on one weird food to eat. She likes to try different things.

          For example, I adopted her when she was ten years old, so I assumed her tastes were pretty well established by then.  But apparently she was always willing to try something new.

          I would frequently come into the living room to find Gabby in my adolescent son's lap, finishing up whatever vegetarian dish he had prepared for himself.  (Remember, now, cats are supposed to be carnivores, not vegetarians!)  Lima beans.  Mmmm.  Rice with teriyaki sauce.  Mmmm. Tofu. Mmmm. 

          But last night she topped herself.

          I was having a cup of Lipton's chicken noodle soup--the kind without the chunks of chicken, mind you.  All it had was broth from bouillon and noodles.  Nothing that should have attracted the attention of a cat.

          And yet there Gabby was, leaping into my lap and asking for some of what I was having. I showed her the cup, to prove to her that she didn't want my soup. 

          I was right.  She didn't want my soup.

          Nope.  She wanted my crackers! She devoured two whole Krispy saltine squares, broken off a chunk at a time into bite-sized pieces for her delectation.

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