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Um--Could You Help Me Get My Dog Out of That Tree?

'Toopid Cat Don' Move!

Ah! How Cute!

A Sidewinder on the Desk

Up Close and Personal with a Black Panther

Ferret Stash

Ferrets Have a Rubber Fetish

Like Taking Pacifiers from a Baby

Today, the Shelves and the Counters--Tomorrow, Mount Everest

Jo's a Jerk!

Snakes Got Feet!

A Skink Named "Lunch"

An Alligator Named "George"

A Way with Critters

Why I Will Probably Never Have Another Ferret

A Long Line of "Other Kitties"

If You Can't Join 'Em, Cuss 'Em Out!

Other Kitty's Research Projects

My Snake Ate My Other Snake

Help!  I've Been Kidnapped by a Gang of Parrots!

The Chihuahua and the Squirrel

The Great Dane and the Cockatoos

Hey, Cat! I'm NOT Your MTV!

Toity Kitty

Jason's Sneaky Fanny (Another Afghan Hound Story)

The Day My Afghan Hound Thought I Had Become an Afghan Hound,

Belle, the Canine Snow Shovel


Georgia on My Mind

Leash Law

. . . ?? Dog!

Squirrel Emergencies?

Bad Boy Laz


Well, Are You Coming?

Wow! I Could've Had a V-8!

In Service to Our Pets

Little Old Mighty Hunter

That Dog Won't Hunt


Puppy on the Table

Gabby Want a Cracker?

Pet Insurance

Velcro Kitties

Bird Brawls

An Alligator Encounter

Cat Prints
Direct Line Pet Insurance

E&L Insurance for Horses, Riders, and Horse Trailers